• Analyse any kind of particle by morphology and chemistry
  • Easy set-up of recipes for any type of particle
  • Customised recipes and plug-ins available for:
  • Gunshot residue analysis (GSR)
  • Mineral Liberation analysis (INCAMineral)
  • Steel Inclusion Analysis (INCASteel)
  • Technical Cleanliness

Feature detection

  • Reliable and valid data every time
  • Accurate separation and definition of all phases
  • Simple set up of routine and non-routine analyses



  • Classify features by morphology, chemistry, and position
  • Define classification schemes with sophisticated tools
  • Obtain complete feature chemistry by Quant, Cameo+ and Spectrum Matching
  • Re-classify existing data easily without the need for re-acquisition
  • Re-use set ups with application specific recipes for enhanced productivity



  • Enhanced productivity from feature analysis of saved SmartMap data
  • Complete feature chemistry and morphology without re-acquisition

Data review


  • Quick overview of data in various formats
  • Features of interest easily relocated for acquiring additional data

Data processing and reporting


  • Offline data processing to free up the microscope
  • Easy reporting of data in user-selected format
  • Customizable reports to fit the needs of individual applications