ThinFilm CharacterisationINCAThinFilmID includes 3 unique software modules for practical composition and thickness determination using EDS.

Solvability Module

ThinFilmID determines the optimum conditions required for data acquisition and data reduction. Input thin film structure details to determine:

  • Acquisition parameters such as microscope accelerating voltage
  • Any assumptions required to calculate a solution

Synthesis Module

Simulates EDS spectra to aid further optimisation before any data needs to be collected.

  • Calculate analysis precision
  • Determine data collection time for desired precision
  • Test whether a thin layer is detectable
  • Determine best conditions for detection

Sensitivity Module

Tests what assumptions about a thin film structure will have the greatest effect on results obtained:

  • Find out which parameters of the analysis and structure are most important to define precisely to achieve an accurate result
  • Save time and minimise sample knowledge required to obtain results