Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Etch


  • High etch rates are achieved by high ion density (>1011 cm3) and high radical density
  • Control over selectivity and damage is achieved by low ion energy
  • Separate RF and ICP generators provide separate control over ion energy and ion density, enabling high process flexibility
  • Low pressure processing yet still high density for improved profile control
  • Chemical and ion-induced etching
  • Can also be run in RIE mode for certain low etch rate applications
  • Can be used for deposition in ICP-CVD mode
  • High conductance pumping port provides high gas throughput for fastest etch rates
  • Electrostatic shield eliminates capacitive coupling, reduces electrical damage to devices, reduces chamber particles
  • Wafer clamping and helium cooling as standard, providing excellent temperature control with the option of a wide temperature range


ICP Etch System Features

PlasmaPro ICP etch product family


  PlasmaPro 80 PlasmaPro 100
Feature  Cobra65 Cobra65 Cobra180 Cobra300 Estrelas Polaris Please contact us for details
Electrode size: 240mm plasma uniform over central 40mm 240mm 330mm
Loading: Manual or Loadlock Loadlock or Cassette
Wafer size: Up to 50mm (2")* Up to 100mm* Up to 200mm Up to 300mm with carrier options available for multi-wafers*
MFC controlled gaslines: 8 or 12 line gas box available 3 - 5 close coupled gas lines with option for 8 - 12 external 8 or 12 line gas box available
Wafer stage temperature range: -150 to 400ºC -150 to 350ºC

*with carrier options available for small pieces