Professor Rimberg from the Physics and Astronomy department of Dartmouth College commented:

“The IntegraAC provided us with the option of using either of our existing dilution refrigerators with a recondensing cyrostat rather than purchasing entirely new systems.  It has also completely changed our approach to sample screening. Since the cryostat is always cold, costs associated with cooling a sample are minimized.  Even more importantly, the Integra AC has cut helium consumption for our largest cryostat by 80%, allowing us to stay cold longer and make the most of our limited liquid helium budget”.

Professor Tarucha from the Department of Applied Physics Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo in Japan is so satisfied with his system that he decided to order a second one. He commented:

“Although we have a helium liquefier on site, we have many dilution refrigerators, 3He inserts and superconducting magnets in our laboratory. We decided to purchase a recondensing dewar rather than a Cryogen-free system because we were able to carry on using all our existing equipment while significantly reducing our helium consumption and labour cost. Furthermore using the IntegraAC had absolutely no effect on our highly vibration-sensitive experiments for measuring a very small current down to 100 fem to amperes. We believe we are now prepared to face the rising problem of helium shortage.”