New magnet cool down acceleration technology, heat pipe technology (Patent pending application number 1108605.5):

12 Tesla magnet systems normally cool to base temperature in less than 32 hours.
With the new heat pipe technology, 15 T magnet cool down is reduced by half!

How does it work?
The heat pipe connects the magnet directly to the pulse tube refrigerators’ first stage during the cooldown phase. The gas condenses at the pulse tube’s first stage and evaporates on the magnet stage thus transfering heat very efficiently until the magnet has cooled below 80 K.
The heat pipe automatically switches off below the nitrogen melting point at 65 K.

  • Faster experiment: as magnet cool down time is reduced by 40%
  • Easy to operate:
  • Fully automated operation, no user intervention required
  • Self-regulating heat pipe - no need for any control electronics or software
  • The only cryogen-free solution available on the market