Oxford Instruments is a world leader in the supply of cutting edge products and services to a diverse range of customers, serving a wide variety of niche end markets.  
Our key growth drivers include the environmental, energy, transport, infrastructure, security and healthcare challenges faced by a growing global population.  In particular our expertise in the field of nanotechnology puts us at the forefront of a high-growth industry that is attempting to tackle many of these challenges.

The unrivalled heritage of the Oxford Instruments brand is well recognised in every corner of the world and gives the Group a strong competitive advantage in both developed and emerging markets.  The Group is well balanced geographically with firmly established leading positions in all major regions.  Whilst Asia, and particularly China, has been our fastest-growing territory in recent years, the Group is highly focused on seeking out further opportunities to expand across all parts of the globe.

Our strong customer focus and deeply-embedded culture of innovation are key factors in enabling us to drive profitable organic growth across each of the Group’s three divisions.  We invest significantly in R&D and closely monitor the percentage of revenue that is made up of products launched or acquired in the last three years as a key measure of the vitality of our new product development.

Targeted acquisitions are also an important part of our growth strategy and our strong balance sheet puts us in a good position to seek bolt-on opportunities that complement our existing businesses.

Our experienced Board and executive management team has succeeded in more than doubling the size of the Group since 2006 and has a clear strategy in place to ensure the business continues to perform strongly.  Our medium term plan, to target 14% compound annual revenue growth and a return on sales of 14% by 2014, sets the framework for delivering sustained shareholder value over the longer term.