With the MEMS industry expected to see double digit growth up to 20161, the development and commercialisation of new MEMS applications is becoming a reality.

Traditional devices such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and microphones continue to see increased adoption in many consumer electronics, displays and automotive applications. 

The reality is that MEMS can provide a solution where there is a requirement for a device or sensor to be miniaturised2
Devices emerging in the R&D phase include energy harvesting; speakers; RFID; pico projectors; oscillators; micro fuel cells; and autofocus technologies amongst others3

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology continues to provide technologies that address existing and emerging applications in the MEMS market.  With a broad process and application portfolio our technologies enable many of the applications identified today and those of tomorrow

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Process Technologies offered to the MEMS market sector include:




LayerProbe is a thin film analysis tool tool that measures the thickness and composition of multiple layers in thin film structures in the SEM. It is an extension to AZtec EDS analysis.