Service Engineer-NS

Key responsibilities: 
  • To install up to 75% of company product, installations completed on time and minimise defects in line with 
  • current KPIs.
  • Working autonomously, often abroad on established customer base.
  • Expected to have a 75% to budget installations record.
  • Interacts mainly with established customers and internal teams.
  • Gains on site customer acceptance of product at least 90% of the time.
  • Involved with customer training to acceptance level mainly on standard product.
  • Works with suppliers to ensure sites are prepared.
  • Reports quality issues using correct procedures.
  • Carries out site risk assessments.
  • Responsible for personal development.
Key capabilities:
  • To be able to travel domestically/internationally frequently and working under pressure (75% of working hours at customer sites expected)
  • Keep good and timely communication with customer
  • Install most of OINS products
  • Provide the best service/support to customer on daily basis
  • Offer the training to customer regularly 
  • To be able to work independently
  • Good team player
  • Good time planning and submit the report regularly. 
  • University degree in physics or related area 
  • good English skill in writing and oral communicating with colleague
  • good knowledge for office software
  • prefer to good knowledge of cryogenics (low temperature) and superconducting magnet
  • prefer to good knowledge of Labview, C++ and Visual Basic
  • prefer to have good knowledge of electronic and mechanical skill
  • prefer to have few years working experience in service sector or academic area

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