David Band, Executive Director

  "Building quality relationships is a cornerstone of the OiService philosophy. We are committed to building lasting, loyal    
   relationships with customers and partners by consistently delivering excellent interactions and results."

   Dave oversees all of the strategic relationships with third-party service providers, OEMs, and leasing companies for OiService. 
   Dave's lifelong professional goal is to promote a more cost-effective and efficient business model in the CT and MRI parts after-
   market on behalf of customers.

   Dave is the founding president of The International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Services (IAMERS), an
   organization that works closely with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Commerce to encourage competition that benefits customers. Dave continues to champion the growth of an active, secondary market that allows healthcare providers to realize
operating efficiencies from lower-cost alternatives as well as receive real value from equipment they no longer require.

Jeff Fall, Director of Business Development

  "The difference is uncompromising integrity in every aspect of our business. Nothing is more important than upholding the trust
   that customers have in us."

   As a long-time advocate and vendor in the healthcare industry, Jeff has always been passionate about raising the bar for quality
   and service in the after-market parts and services business. Jeff began his career in the U.S. Department of Health & Human
   Services (formerly the Health Care Financing Administration). He spent several years working for a Midwest-based hospital group
   that is now a part of Trinity Health, one of the largest hospital groups in the U.S. Jeff helped craft the Certificate of Need (CON)
   regulations that are the model for the rules that the Michigan Department of Public Health uses today.

Jeff went on to found Imaging Systems International, and in 2007 he co-founded Platinum Medical Parts, an MR-specialty company that embodied the qualities of integrity, service and value that Jeff has advocated throughout his career.  Jeff also serves as the Ethics Chairman for the International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Services (IAMERS), which has grown into a significant force in the after-market services industry. The IAMERS association is a strong voice in the healthcare marketplace, helping to ensure that pre-owned medical equipment remains a trusted and valued alternative to expensive new equipment.


Robert Costa, Director of Global Sales

  "At OiService, we understand the clinical requirements of our customers as much as we understand advanced imaging technology.
  Unlike general purpose medical equipment remarketers, we focus specifically on CT and MR imaging. Our goal is to build
  long-term, trusted relationships with customers based on providing the expert support they need, working with these critical

  Robert brings a deep knowledge of both clinical applications and CT technology to OiService customers. Robert began his career
  providing clinical physics support for hospitals throughout Northern California. In 1993, Robert joined ADAC Laboratories and helped
  develop Pinnacle 3D for ADAC's renowned treatment planning software to enable 3D modeling of tumors and anatomy.

As VP of Operations for ADAC's Radiation Therapy product line, Robert was an integral part of the team that won the Malcolm Baldridge award for quality assurance in 1996. In 2001, Robert co-founded Eclipse Medical Imaging and established the company as one of the pre-eminent providers of CT systems for oncology, as well as helping to make CT technology a practical, affordable diagnostic tool for veterinary medicine. Robert has a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and a masters in Medical Physics from San Jose State University.

Scott Simmons, Director of MRI Service

  "My goal is to ensure that customers associate the OiService name with the highest quality standards in the industry. We are
  always proud to show customers our in-depth inspection and refurbishment process. We want them to know exactly what goes into
  the quality systems that they buy through OiService."

  Scott has been a field engineer for imaging systems for almost 20 years. He began his career in the biomedical department for the
  largest hospital system in North Dakota. Based on his engineering proficiency and almost uncanny ability to diagnose elusive
  problems in magnets, the hospital selected him to be responsible for one of the most sophisticated pieces of medical equipment
  ever acquired by the hospital, a linear accelerator for cancer treatment.

Scott went on to provide engineering support for an after-market services company with sites throughout North Dakota, including responsibility for the procurement and maintenance of its mobile imaging systems. Logging long hours of "windshield time" and keeping dozens of scanners up and running around the state left Scott determined to make things easier for service providers and customers. In 2007, he became one of the co-founders of Platinum Medical Parts to make that commitment a reality.

Kurt Bringolf, Director of CT Service

  "Exceptional service is our everyday standard for customer support. Every employee shares the same priority - to make each
  customer's day easier. We are constantly examining every facet of our own process to see if we can do a better job of meeting
  that goal. I've never worked at a company that cared so much about customer satisfaction."

  Throughout his professional career, Kurt has always been passionate about understanding the intricacies of advanced systems and
  helping customers own and operate these systems with confidence. He began his career in the aerospace industry, testing
  satellites for Lockheed Missile and Space Company. In 1993, he joined CT Solutions, Inc., as a Field Service Engineer, and began
  distinguishing himself not only for his technical knowledge, but also his "above and beyond" service ethic.

He moved to Masterplan, Inc., another national service organization, where he continued to advocate for excellence in service. He joined Eclipse Medical Imaging to establish and manage a national service program, with the goal of setting a higher standard in the after-market industry for service and support. Kurt has a degree in Electrical Engineering.


Mark Bringolf, Director of Financial & Operations

  "We want to anticipate everything that our customers might need to make their equipment acquisition easy. We are continually
  developing innovative offerings that meet special customer needs, such as mobile van siting for CT scanners and interim rental
  solutions during installation. At OiService, we believe that constantly innovating is essential to being responsive to customer

  A 23-year veteran, Mark began his career as a CT service engineer for GE Medical. In 1991, he co-founded CT Solutions, Inc.,
  a medical imaging sales and service organization. ADAC Laboratories purchased the company in 1998, and Mark assumed
  responsibility as VP of Operations for ADAC Laboratories Radiology Solutions with plans for rolling CT Solutions into ADAC's 
  Radiation Treatment Planning Division.

He also integrated a CT scanner into ADAC's premier treatment planning software, and was instrumental in establishing industry-wide quality and regulatory guidelines for their CT refurbishment program. In 2001, Mark co-founded Eclipse Medical Imaging to address a growing industry need for quality refurbished CT imaging solutions. Mark has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the DeVry Institute of Technology.

Tom Freund, Director of Service Operations

  "I believe wholeheartedly that we must earn our customers' trust every day. We make sure that our field engineers are well trained
  and thoroughly professional. We measure what is important to our customers, and continuously work to improve every aspect of
  our service. Our outstanding customer satisfaction scores are a reflection of hard work and high standards - and we will never be
  satisfied with less."

  Tom started at Oxford Instruments over 25 years ago as a test technician working on the world's first MRIs. It is fair to say that he
  was servicing superconducting magnets before most engineers even knew of their existence. Tom has been involved in virtually
  every aspect of customer service, including field engineer, technical support, training and account management.

When he became the General Manager for OiService, he initiated customer-oriented systems such as Net Promoter® to collect and measure satisfaction. He also implemented monthly training through a Skill Training and Review System (STARS) program. Within six months, the group's average Net Promoter Score (NPS®) increased to an outstanding 83 percent, compared to the average U.S. company's score of 10 percent.

In 2011, Tom was selected as the Oxford Instruments "Brand Champion" at the annual Chairman's Award for Innovation event. Tom is well known and respected within the MRI community because of his active participation in industry forums and associations. He was recently appointed Ethics Chairman for the International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers (IAMERS).