High-Quality Medical Imaging Solutions Within Your ReachRefurbished CT & MRI Medical Imaging Systems

No one comes close to our commitment to saving you money with affordable, high-quality CT and MRI
medical imaging systems.

We have an unrivalled reputation for quality refurbished systems based on a 100 point quality checklist
of components and software, and a guarantee that your refurbished system meets (or even exceeds)
the original manufacturer specifications.

OiService CT & MR can help you find the right CT or MRI scanner for your clinical and budget needs, including on-site inspection of each system.

Refurbished CT Sales

  Learn how you can save money and deliver the
  best diagnostic care to your patients with quality
  refurbished CT scanners, including late-model

Refurbished MRI Sales

  Bring a new level of diagnostic care to patients
  with quality refurbished MRI scanners,
  including late-model scanners.

CT & MRI Upgrades

  Enhance continuity of care and expand your
  portfolio of imaging services with the latest
  CT and MRI upgrades.