OiService CT & MR is the service division of Oxford Instruments, over a $1 billion multinational manufacturing and research company headquartered in Oxfordshire, England. OiService CT & MR has taken a central role in Oxford Instrument's business strategy with the acquisition of U.S.-based Platinum Medical Imaging in 2011.

Platinum fundamentally changed the third-party market for MRI and CT scanners with higher standards for service, quality, integrity and value. Merging the capabilities and complementary philosophies of OiService CT & MR, the value proposition for customers will be even better going forward.

In an environment in which healthcare institutions of all sizes are facing severe economic pressures, Oxford Instruments offers a new alternative: the resources and stability of an OEM, combined with the tremendous value of a third-party service provider.

For years, healthcare institutions have paid a premium to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) because these institutions thought it was the only way to guarantee product quality and expert support. Oxford Instruments is the first global manufacturer to view third-party services as a core business.

That means healthcare providers from large hospitals to small imaging centers can confidently choose refurbished CT and MRI scanners as though they were buying direct from the OEM. And they can benefit from the superior economics of working with a third-party service provider.

OiService CT & MR offers healthcare practitioners the convenience of working with one company for both CT and MRI scanners. Every scanner is refurbished to meet or exceed OEM specifications in the company's U.S.-based, ISO-certified factories. The service organization also offers customers responsive 24/7 technical support to diagnose problems and minimize downtime.

Oxford Instruments, founded in 1959, invented the world's first superconducting magnet. It has a global distribution and support network, employs over 2,000 employees worldwide, and has over 25 offices and factories in Europe, the USA, China and Japan.

The company develops products and technology for low temperature and high magnetic field environments, X-ray, electron and optical based metrology, nuclear magnetic resonance and advanced semiconductor processing.

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